Mortgage Modification: Who qualifies?

(Click “More Info” to see full video script!) www.60MinuteLoanModification visit for a free CD on Mike Rockwood’s experience modifying 5 of his own home loans – and how you can too. Ask Mortgage Modification questions on our forums at http Initially, lenders strictly adhered to the seven guidelines explained below when awarding mortgage modifications. Today thats no longer true. Theyre now limiting their analysis to fewer of the original criteria as the crisis deepens and the workload increases. In fact, the range is surprising and somewhat inconsistent. This indicates to me that the rules are being written on the fly. Virtually all lenders are using cascading calculations, whereby one set of calculation results are used in the subsequent calculation. Therefore, no one criterion is final; rather, qualification depends on a combination of factors. Ability to pay: This is your ability to meet the obligations of the modified loan. Customary underwriting criteria are used, so take 55% of your gross monthly household income. That is a rough estimate of how much monthly debt payment the lender will allow. This is your target amount after modification. Debt to Income Ratio is the term that lenders use to describe this underwriting guideline. Its simply your total monthly debt payments, including cars, credit cards, student loans, and others, divided by your Gross Monthly Household Income. Type of Loan: 100% of Negative Amortizing Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (NegAM) loans will be
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