The Pre-purchase House Survey: Buying A House: Check List For First Time Home Buyer

The Pre-purchase House Survey: Buying A House: Check List For First Time Home Buyer

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions will make, and as a buyer you need to check many aspects of a property before making your final decisions, including location, look, and finish.
Once a decision is made many home buyers take a long time negotiating the deal with the seller and then vetting the property’s title documents. Although this is important, what most home buyers forget to do is hire the services of a professional building surveyor.
There is little sense in spending million of rupees buying a house and then discovering that the house needs another investment of few million to make necessary repaid to put the house in order moving in. It is far better to be aware of any potential repairs before the house is purchased, and this is where a professional building surveyor can be of great help. When a surveyor is hire they will evaluate:
1) The Foundation.
2) The drainage system.
3) Floors, stairs, interior walls and ceiling.
4) Windows, doors, ventilation.
5) Electricity wiring.
6) Cooling and Heating system.
Having a pre-purchase building survey carried out by a reliable building surveyor during the buying process can save millions of rupees on matters that can be put right by the seller or builder before the property is sold.
Remember, Buying a house is not an easy task and it is wiser not to make the biggest purchase your most costly mistake, because if we do mistake then we might be suffer through out our stay in the house.

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