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3 Secrets To Be Mortgage Free

Would you like to be mortgage free in less than one half the time? Would you like to get rid of that ball and chain once and for all?

Your options would surely open up without being tied down to that monthly mortgage. Wouldn’t you agree?

Why would you want to pay off your mortgage faster? Let’s look at an example of a typical 30 year mortgage on a loan amount of $200,000 at a 6% interest rate. Your monthly payment will be approximately $1,199. You will make 360 payments over the course of the loan and you will have paid an additional amount in interest on top of your principle, of around $231,677.

Add the original principal and you paid out a sum of $431,677.00

There are basically 3 ways to pay off your mortgage fast:

1) Send in extra cash each month with your mortgage payment and request that it be applied to the principal or sign up for a Bi-Monthly payment plan, where you in essence make two payments in half the amount each month. What happens here, is that at the end of the year you will have made one full extra payment which will be applied to pay down your principle balance.

Second, you can do a mortgage refinance loan at a reduced rate.

Third, utilize a Home Equity Line (heloc) account. Using this second loan (you have to learn how), you can successfully reduce your original mortgage amount.

These three pay down strategies are great, but the third is head and shoulders above the others.

One challenge is that most of us simply don’t have extra money at month end to send towards our principle. And to make this strategy effective, you have to do it in a consistent fashion.

2nd: Since the 30 yr loan has it’s interest calculated only once every 30 days, the banks are getting rich holding on to our money each month until they need it to apply as per our request.

And finally, it is simply not recommended to keep refinancing the loan. Each time we do it, we pay large fees and points.

It is now easier, because of computers, to eliminate our mortgage fast, by utilizing the latest technology.

Many families today are flocking to an interest-reducing program that combines innovative software with banking systems that have been around for decades, to pay off their mortgages in 1/2 the normal time and in many cases even 1/3rd the time.

In Australia, over 1/3rd of the mortgages are structured this way. A few years back, billionaire entrepreneur, visionary and founder of Virgin Records, Sir Richard Branson, brought it to England. Now it is available in the great USA.

The wrong way is to get paid, deposit your income, pay your bills at the beginning of the month and save what is left over. The reason, is because when we do this we overpay way too much in interest on the principal amounts of the various loans we have.

The traditional way is no longer effective. Now we can use a Bank Line Of Credit or Heloc and have a powerful software program direct us on how to pay off that mortgage extremely fast, using no additional money or changing our lifestyle. You really must see this to believe it. Want to lose your mortgage super fast?

Would you like to save tens of thousands of dollars in interest and eliminate years of wasted interest payments?

Explore these methods. Change the way you look at having a long term mortgage loan. You will be glad you did your homework on this one.

My best-selling book 3 Secrets Of Millionaires, has a full chapter that discusses this one, extremely powerful, strategy, with examples, and indepth instructions. You can also get a print out regarding your mortgage and how fast you can pay it off. Wait until you see how many $1,000s of dollars you get to keep.

Learn more about how to eliminate your mortgage faster and become debt free. Stop by and pick up Mike’s best-selling book 3 Secrets Of Millionaires and implement 3 simple methods that can help you retire filthy rich.

The Best Mortgage Insurance Canada Can Give You Is Within Your Reach

Low mortgage insurance rates are few and far between. Because it is decided by other influences, it is hard to keep the mortgage insurance rates low.

You do have and can exert some influence over those rates. This will require good planning and a tight budget, but you will be able to achieve your goals.

Are you familiar with the reasons why you might want mortgage insurance? It can be used like a term life plan. What will your loved ones do if you die or get chronically injured? Will they have the money to cover monthly mortgage payments?

Your family will have to watch another family move into their beloved home because you were not insured. So, mortgage insurance is at least worth considering as it lowers your family’s risk and liability.

So, how does this happen? Like I said, it is essentially a type of decreasing term life insurance. You pay the amount owed on your house, the rates go down. Let’s take into account this for a second: what are you financial plans?

Did you learn anything from this recession or are you going to get a fixed 25 or 30 year mortgage and just live pay check to pay check. Understand from mistakes and try to really try to be debt free. Try to pay as little of interest as you can.

Aggressive monthly payments are the only way to accomplish this.

This is a conservative route, but it is trying to to let you build your financial future on a stable foundation. You can visit www.infoprimes.com and find the best mortgage insurance in Canada.

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Best Mortgage Insurance Quotes Canada: You Are Not Able To Challenge With This

As a culture, we have overused the word best. Salesman, commercials, or co-workers exaggerate using best a lot: “You’re the best ever!” “This vacation is the best!” “My girl is the best!”

Mortgage insurance quotes are usually not paired with “best”… until now. Read just for a moment and I will show you what the best mortgage insurance quote in Canada will look like.

First of all, when you get mortgage insurance, you are looking to protect your family. The surest way to protect them is to get pre-claim insurance which will all but guarantee your claim being satisfied because they approve you before you pay or submit claims. You could opt for the post-claim insurance but that wouldn’t be good because it is what it says: “post-claim” approval. This gives them the control and the possibility of getting out of paying for your claim.

For pre-claim insurance, visit to www.infoprimes.com. Just the first reason it is “best”

You want to be able to afford mortgage insurance, correct? Often, when you go to a bank and sign the mortgage papers, they will just throw in a pre-prepared agreement for mortgage insurance with all the other agreements. They trap you so you can’t clearly and fairly decide.

To maximize your best deal, you need too slow down and compare. Your financial needs are important to your life.

For the second “best” in a row, www.infoprimes.com will offer competitors’ quotes so you can know what you are getting, but you’ll probably find their rates being the best.

It is almost impossible to get an accurate insurance rate with most companies. Often times, agencies or companies will just tell you a quote and not even be close, leaving you high and dry in the end.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a detailed and reliable calculator that can give me instant and accurate quotes? www.infoprimes agrees and that’s why it’s on their front page. This is tough to beat. “Best” number three is now on the table.

There are more bests we could add to the list, like not having to deal with people and the usability of use of the website, the great advice, and customer service. www.infoprimes.com has a lot to give you, it will be worth your while.

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Affordable Mortgage Insurance Is Available With Pre-Claim Underwriting

The truth is most of us should use mortgage insurance. You may even be having difficulty finding affordable mortgage insurance. But the question is, are you getting the right kind of affordable mortgage insurance?

Give me your ear for a moment and let me explain: You can buy mortgage insurance anywhere. Affordable mortgage insurance is sometimes difficult, but can be done. But there is a right kind of mortgage insurance that you must search hard for.

So, what is the right type of affordable mortgage insurance?

First of all, mortgage insurance is a form of life or disability insurance that protects you and your loved ones from being in trouble in case you were to die or become disabled and no longer work.

So, consider it as a decreasing term life insurance, where the premiums will decrease as the principle does.

Secondly, and perhaps most crucial, it is important to find affordable mortgage insurance that is reliable. Dependable: what does this mean?

Well you will see a lot of companies and banks offering you mortgage insurance. Be weary of the terms in which you buy your insurance – it could haunt you.

It can happen like this: your banker asks if you if you need mortgage insurance through them. It doesn’t cost that much, it is do-able, so you sign. You sign without getting details because you don’t have time, it’s a long agreement and there is much more to do – you’re getting a new house for crying out loud!

What you just autographed for post-claim underwriting. The ball is now in the bank’s hands. If you submit a claim, they are able to review your history after the fact, then decide to qualify you or not. This enables them to get money from you and a loop hole to opt out on the back end. So, they make billions by just getting premiums, and rarely having to pay out.

What you need to look for is pre-claim underwriting insurance. This is just as, if not more, affordable mortgage insurance as the banks offer, they go through your medical history before you claim, and, in turn, it guarantees you that your claim will be handled properly.

www.infoprimes.com is a great place to find the right type of insurance. They will also contrast their quotes with the banks to ensure you are getting a better deal. They are helpful and will do what insurance is supposed to do – insure you that you will be protected.

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Credit Score Increase In 48 Hours

Suppose we told you that there was a definitive and easy way to increase your credit score? Many college kids answered that the way to increase your credit score was to simply pay off all your bills in a timely fashion. Home owners mentioned that to do so was to pay the mortgage on time and to work on removing bad references from the credit records.

So, the question is, Can the credit card score be improved and most people would answer simply pay your bills on time and there should be nothing to worry about. Everyone it seems has an opinion on this. Some said that constantly asking the credit agency to respond to specified issues in your report within a period of time specified by law could or might result in the credit agency making a mistake and the issue in question being cleared – largely based on a technicality. Enough people mentioned this tactic, so it appears that as unorthodox as this method may seem, there may be some validity in some jurisdictions.

As mentioned above, most people simply answered “pay your bills on time and your credit rating will be excellent”. We counter that paying your bills on time is fact expected and that this can give you an average credit rating of 5-700. But is this “pay your bills” thought really true? We are going to name this as myth number 1 and look more closely at it here. Loan institutions absolutely adore customers whom pay off their bills on time every month? We calculate stupendous bank profits in that model, right? The truth is, loan institutions and other lenders including the mafia are in absolute love with people who maintain a nice healthy balance that they can get charged interest on.

Ok, Question number 2. Big borrowers who are simply big borrowers are simply loved by the banks. Is this really true ? If this were the case, people who couldn’t repay loans would get huge amounts of credit and constantly end up in repayment problems. Anyway, if I am wrong on this one, I would be the second in the line chasing you to the nearest bank for a mega loan. I have had my eye on some New York Prime Property for a while now. But this isn’t true is it? So perhaps this is not the answer either.

Let’s cut to the chase. Banks and your, ahem, local mafia lender ( ohh are these two interchangeable ? ) love clients who pay more than the interest each month but not enough to seriously subtract from the actual principal amount. These are cherished suckers and enough of these on a banks balance sheets makes for a very healthy bank. These customers also have the ongoing income to keep their total loan amounts very much under the total allowed credit range. It is this loan to credit that more strongly influences whether a credit rating will be closer to 670 or 800. Lets look at an example, 35,000 in credit and 14,000 already used.

The key phrase here being “ongoing ability ” and “debt ratio”. Ongoing ability is why some older retired persons with otherwise good credit may sometimes have difficulty refinancing longer term loans. They are viewed as being possible risks because of the “ongoing income” requirement.

Under this scenario, best Candidates are not just those without payment defaults, such a person who can still get to 650 on the credit score, but those few lucky individuals who can pop an 800 or more. So the key issue for those looking to increase their credit scores from perhaps a low 600 to a high 800 depends more on other factors.

That something else is the debt ratio. The key issue for getting credit card ratings above 6-700 is the debt/credit ratio.

Come to the site, view the video – learn how you can quickly change your score quite positively. It can be done in an extremely short period of time, come watch.

Trying for a instant pay day loan, Mtg or Lease. Increase your chances for a personal loan first and get a better loan rate from your lender.