Getting a Colorado Mortgage Rate Quote

Getting a Colorado Mortgage Rate Quote

If you are looking for a Colorado mortgage rate quote for a Colorado mortgage loan, then there are many places to go. Of course there are many ads for different Colorado mortgage lenders that are based in the state and around the country. But for a better, more personal Colorado mortgage, it is best to go with an in-state Colorado mortgage lending professional.

Getting a Colorado mortgage loan from an in-state Colorado mortgage lending company has advantages, the key being that Colorado mortgage lending institutions know Colorado the best.

Colorado is unique, with a particular mix of modest private homes, second homes, luxury homes and other types. Because of this, the needs of would-be borrowers who are looking for a Colorado mortgage quote are unique as well. That necessitates a knowledgeable Colorado lender who can work with a borrower and fir their needs with the best type of Colorado mortgage loan.

Looking For a Colorado Mortgage Quote Provider

While shopping for a Colorado mortgage quote, a borrower will hope for a Colorado mortgage lender with a low rate. But that shouldn’t be the only determining factor to be considered than that part of the Colorado mortgage rate quote. The lowest bidder is not always the best place to get a Colorado mortgage loan. When deciding on the best Colorado mortgage quote, consider these other factors:

•The fees for Colorado mortgage loans

•The closing costs, which can range widely between Colorado mortgage lending companies

•Product diversity in the Colorado mortgage loans.

There are many different kinds of loan programs to choose from for borrowers and it is best to look around before a borrower decides on their Colorado mortgage quote. Aside from the Colorado mortgage rate quote itself, its best to consider fixed vs. variable loans and the different lengths of terms

•The Colorado mortgage lending companies with the best customer service. When borrowers are looking for a Colorado mortgage quote, there should be an expectation that the company will have excellent customer service, answering calls and returning them

•A Colorado mortgage lending company with experienced and informed associates. The broker working up your Colorado mortgage quote ought to be able to explain all parts of the different types of Colorado mortgage loans. They need to be able to search and return with any questions you have about your Colorado mortgage rate quote

Finding a Colorado Mortgage Loan

There are brokers nationwide you want to give a borrower a Colorado mortgage quote. Borrowers see their ads all over the place — in the yellow pages or newspaper; radio or TV. There are also many lenders who can provide Colorado mortgage rate quotes online who can also be a great resource.

Online Colorado mortgage quote providers can help you if you are looking to get many quotes with limited effort and be able to make a choice between the many Colorado mortgage quotes available. But that should not come as a replacement from real people. A borrower needs to do research; search for referrals online, check on the company to find the best Colorado mortgage quote that best suits their needs.

First Time Home Buyer Programs

This article is written by J.B. of 1st American Mortgage and Loan, LLC, a Colorado mortgage lender who offers access to information on obtaining a Colorado mortgage loan as well as other information on loans inColorado online mortgage quotes, and rates through his website

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Housing Grants

Housing Grants

Housing  Grants are available for rent and restoration  of the house.

If you wish to be a first time home owner then the housing grants will come to  your rescue. They can be acquired as hard cash payments or mortgage  loan. These loans have  low or no interest rate levied on it.  Specially for the folks with moderate or  little incomes. This helps them several bucks on  the buy of their dream home .Your household income will  determine whether you will be a homebuyer or one who will need help for down payment.

If you want to restore or  transform your house a little then you should know everything about the  schemes in home improvement.  Various programmes for housing grants are there that  administration applies which help the owners to  renovate and repair their houses. Some of the  grants are indirect. For example- an interest rate that is zero percent for the  house restoration loan proposed by the  administration. The rural housing assistance is another group  of housing grants that enable the rural Americans to fix and refurbish  heir houses. The Rural Housing Service or RHS is the investor. It also  presents the senior, handicapped  financial assistance. The residents who are in multi –unit  housing buildings in the rural areas, not having a firm income get  assistance in the form of rent payment from RHS.

The housing  grant has another class – The Rent Payment Grant. This helps the veteran  soldiers and the smaller income families get  residence in the Public Housing Program. It provides a  good and adequate living for them. They come in a  variety of sizes and types. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development  supplies national help to the HA’s or the local  housing agencies. It facilitates in preparation, and is a  manager of the maturation it brings about.

The housing grant has another proportion to it in the shape of Veteran  Housing Grants. It is for those who have met with  everlasting  disablements while in service. This is  offered up by the Department of Veterans.Affairs. They are  given this to construct a home or modify the  preexisting one to help them adapt to their new  altered life. The Specially Adapted Housing Program  intends at creating a surrounding in which the veteran  soldiers or the service members can lead  self-supporting lives which they are  unable to do under normal conditions. These VA grants are of two types- The  Specially Adapted Housing Grant. And the Special Housing Adaption Grant.

Affordable housing is raised by the Housing Finance Agency  or the (HFA). Each state has one. They are dependable for the  sustenance and building of the same Some states offer mortgage  insurance to the lenders who have a low income and also to those of the multifamily lodging.

First Time Home Buyer Programs

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First time Home Buyers Program- A Key to your Own Home-The Federal Government’s Incentive Program

First time Home Buyers Program- A Key to your Own Home-The Federal Government’s Incentive Program

The housing crisis has virtually brought the housing market to a standstill. Houses are now worth half the price, they were three years ago. Even with the low prices, the recession was so crippling to the economy, that people still would not buy these homes. Prospective home buyers were also in fear that they may lose their jobs, and would not want to commit themselves based on an uncertain future. Banks have frozen lending, and mortgage funding has all but dried up. Thousands of homes went into foreclosure, and many people filed bankruptcy to save their homes. The crisis is so severe, that many real estate

The Banks and mortgage companies have thousand of unpaid mortgages on their books, and many homes that were foreclosed on, in their inventory, that they either have to sell at a loss, or keep the houses until the value is closer to the balances on the mortgage. Even homeowners find themselves in an upside down position. Their homes are valued much less than their mortgages. The housing crisis is at the heart of the recession, and the near collapse of the banking sector. The government as a part of the stimulus package, tried to help the housing industry by offering help to first time home buyers.

1. Tax credits

 2. Down payments assistance

3. Lower interest rates

In order to speed up the sale of the houses on the market, the government offered 00 as a tax credit to first time home buyers, who purchased their homes between January 1, 2009 and November 31, 2009. The claim must be made within two years of buying the home. Congress recently extended the program to April 2010, and include current home owners, who have been living in their homes for 5 years and over.

 The second option is a down payment assistance program of 10% of the sales price, for example, ,000 on a 0,000 house. The government also offers you a loan with lower points, which results in lowering the closing costs or a lowering the monthly mortgage. This program is designed to assist individuals with income of up to ,000, or couples with joint income of up to 0,000.

A final alternative is a tax rebate on the loan’s interest. Persons who own investment properties can avail themselves of the tax rebate. This can be used to upgrade the property’s value and can be claimed as an income tax deduction.  

 Your real estate agent, and mortgage broker, will guide you through the process, while you search for your dream home.



First Time Home Buyer Programs

Patricia Bardowell has been a professional writer over five years. She writes for, Western Examiner, Demand Studios, Newsvine, and commentator with Huffington Post.

She has a wide ranging experience in the financial sector, namely banking, life insurance and real estate. Patricia is also a medical assistant, and worked in the health field for several years.

She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice (2008) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) (2009), both from Keiser University.

We Buy Houses In Buford Georgia And Want To Buy Your House Fast, Often In One Hour Or Less!

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We can buy your Buford Georgia house in one hour or less!

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First Time Home Buyer Programs

We are a nationwide group of professional home buying companies that buy houses in any area, in any condition and in any price range, often in onehour or less. If you have a house you need to sell fast, please visit our website at or call 888-765-3461 to complete our seller questionnaire and see if your home qualifies for our Rapid Home Purchase Program.

Which First Time Home Buyer Programs Are Right for You?

Which First Time Home Buyer Programs Are Right for You?

So, you want to buy a home. I congratulate you. Now, you need to know what first time home buyer programs are right for you. Where do we begin?

Let’s get down to the basics. First you want to have your credit file in order. By this I mean, no collections or late payments in the last 2 years.

Assuming this is the case, you can begin shopping around for some first time home buyer programs. There are plenty out there. But, for the sake of time and space in this article, I’m going to share with you two options. FHA and VA.

Once you get a feel for these two programs, you will have the knowledge to talk the talk and walk the walk. There are others programs however.


Now, hands down the FHA is one of the best first time home buyer programs. Why? It has relaxed credit standards over the conventional loan and also has a low down payment feature.

First let’s talk about the credit requirements. In the past FHA would let you buy a home without any credit score at all. Now they seem to be requesting a score around 620. This is still lower than a conventional loan which requires 700 and above.

A credit file is not all that hard to build if you do not have one. Talk with a large national lender about this. Look for a loan officer that has years of experience with FHA home loans. He/she can give you some ideas.

When it comes to a down payment, FHA since 1934 has offered this 3% low down payment option. This makes it possible for you, the first time home buyer to get into a home with very little money.

In fact, the down payment can even be a gift from a relative or charity. I’ve written other articles about down payment assistance, which are awesome when you see how they work. You can in effect buy a house with no money down.

FHA loans do have MIP or a mortgage insurance premium of 1.75% of the loan amount. You have to pay this up front at the loan closing. This amount is added onto your original mortgage amount. So it increases your payment by about .55% of the loan amount until you pay off the mortgage.

If you ever go to sell a house that has FHA mortgage insurance on it, or pay off the loan early you may be entitled to a refund of this insurance premium. Check with your lender about this.


Now the VA loan program is even better. However, you must be a veteran to take advantage of these first time home buyer programs.

When it comes to credit, the VA loan works much the same way as the FHA home loan. So I’m not going to spend much time on this. VA loans may allow a little bit lower credit score.

With the VA home loan, the down payment and MIP is a horse of a different color.

VA loans require NO DOWN PAYMENT. Yes they are 100% financing. Again this is a benefit for veterans only.

The mortgage insurance premium is another reason the VA loan is for first time home buyers. They do not have any MIP to be paid. HUD guarantees the loan 100%. However, there is a VA Funding fee which could range from 0-3% of the loan amount. If the veteran is injured in combat and can have this documented by the VA, then it is 0% funding fee.

So unlike the FHA loan which your loan amount and payment increases slightly, with a VA loan the payment amount does not increase, but the loan amount may increase because of the funding fee.

This is the best loan option if you ask me.

Let me tell you a brief story about a VA loan I did several years ago. There was this really nice couple with one child that wanted to buy a home.

They came to me for a mortgage. After talking with them I learned he was a veteran. When I discussed the benefits of a VA loan they got excited.

He was an injured Vet and had the paperwork to prove it. He had been permanently injured in the face because of shrapnel.

So a long story made short, they bought a house for ,000 with no money down and no VA funding fee. If I recall the maximum out of pocket he put into the deal was less than 0.

Now they are buying a home for less than what they were paying in rent. Again, what VA offers is one of the greatest of all first time home buyer programs.

Explore all your options when looking for a mortgage. Ask questions of your loan officer. Be sure to get your education first, then go looking.

First Time Home Buyer Programs

Jeff and Melinda Ragan want to help learn more about first time home buyer programs available and other helpful information on their website,

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What to Expect From a Jumbo Mortgage Loan

What to Expect From a Jumbo Mortgage Loan

Jumbo mortgages are not so different from standard mortgages but there are a few key things that are worth looking in to.

Jumbo Mortgage Loans

A jumbo mortgage loan is a loan taken for property that is high-priced.. In Colorado, as in most of the U.S., a jumbo mortgage loan is any mortgage that exceeds 7,000 – the limit set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for conforming loans.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two agencies that buy the majority of real estate mortgages, will not finance loans greater than 7,000 in most states; however Alaska, Hawaii, and a couple others are exceptions. Therefore, the large jumbo mortgage loans are sold to other investments, often banks and insurance companies, and so a jumbo mortgage loan falls into a different category. Rates for a jumbo mortgage are also higher than conforming loans because there is more risk involved.

What This Means for Jumbo Mortgage Interest

The size of a jumbo mortgage loan means there is more to lose. The size, coupled with other factors, results in somewhat higher jumbo mortgage rates than those carried by conforming loans. Since percentage points on jumbo mortgage rages can mean sizable payment differences, buyers should shop around for a good lender when applying for a jumbo mortgage loan in order to find the best rate. Buyers should shop around for a good lender when applying for a jumbo mortgage loan in order to find the best rate.

In truth, jumbo mortgage interest rates are only one thing to consider when shopping for a jumbo mortgage. There are additional fees and closing costs to be considered that could even out the difference in jumbo mortgage rates. Sometimes, the company with the jumbo mortgage rates is actually the cheapest, all things considered.

Also, buyers shopping for good jumbo mortgage interest rates need to consider their goals, plans, and all of their options. Like conforming mortgages, jumbo mortgages are offered in a variety product lines. Buyers have the option of taking out loans with adjustable jumbo mortgage rates with 3 or 5 year locked rates that adjust after that period, or 15 or 30 year fixed jumbo mortgage rates that never change.

Deciding which type of product (variable or fixed jumbo mortgage interest rate) is better for you depends on whether you plan to stay in the home for more than that locked 3-5 year period, or whether you will refinance the loan within 3-5 years anyway.

Buyers should not be scared off from higher jumbo mortgage rates; jumbo mortgage rates are higher only by a quarter of a point or so for well qualified buyers. What’s more, jumbo mortgages are the only option for home buyers in many parts of the country because 7,000 really isn’t that high a price in today’s housing market. As a matter of fact, jumbo mortgage loans are the only type available in many areas. The best way to find a good jumbo mortgage loan is the find a reputable and experienced lender with good rates. A great mortgage lender will take the time to understand your needs so they can help you select an appropriate product.

First Time Home Buyer Programs

This article is written by J.B. of 1st American Mortgage and Loan, LLC, a Colorado mortgage company

who offers customers access to information on obtaining a mortgage loan in Denver, and other information about getting a home mortgage in Colorado through his website

Buy Repossessed Houses at Auction

Buy Repossessed Houses at Auction

The housing market is in crisis, estate agencies are closing hand over fist and unemployment’s rising. To top things off, hikes in the cost of living are making life very difficult for homeowners who stretched their finances too far when house prices were high.

But there’s a bright side to every story. The positive slant on this terrible situation is that there are an increasing number of opportunities for buying a repossessed house. If buying a home of your own has been an unreachable dream for the past decade, it might soon be a reality. Interest rates are at an all time low and mortgage rates should eventually follow. If you’re a first time buyer without a property to sell, the world’s your oyster… provided you can borrow the money.

Obviously there are advantages and disadvantages to buying a repossessed house or flat. The smoother you can make the process and the more pitfalls you can manage to avoid, the more successful your first step onto the property market will be.

Most people think auctions when they think about house repossessions. And that’s a good place to start. The USA has a database of repossessed homes but the UK doesn’t, and many UK house repossessions are sold at auction by lenders.

Household name auction house Allsops is an independent property consulting company with a solid reputation for residential property auctions. Probably the UK’s biggest, they sell around a billion pounds’ worth of homes a year at auction, spread across seven massive auctions a year with between 250 and 350 properties at each auction. A good choice if you feel safer dealing with a well known brand name. But there are also local property auctions in most major towns.

Estate Agents also sell repossessions, although they don’t always proclaim the fact. You’ll have to actually go in and ask. Another route into buying a repossessed house is to simply ask around the banks and building societies in the area you want to buy, personally. While they don’t openly advertise repossessions they need to sell the repossessions on their books and they’ll probably be happy to give you details. Another simple way to find repossessed homes for sale is check for announcements in the local papers. Offers are always publicised in case a better offer comes along, to ensure the best possible deal for the seller.

The internet has revolutionised buying repossessed houses. There’s a good choice of specialist online providers who collect together UK house repossession auctions in one place so you can search them effectively from one place, is one. They hold a database of UK auction properties including details of local auctioneers and auction dates, and provide links to online auction catalogues, property details and guide prices. A great way to save time.

Whichever route you arrive at an auction by buying a repossessed house at auction can save you a fortune in estate agency fees. But it’ll still cost you money and you need to be prepared.

The same as an ordinary house purchase, buying at auction requires a deposit. You’ll generally need to fork out 10% of the purchase price, which means you need to have a firm grip on exactly what you can bid based on how much cash deposit you can scrape together. You pay the deposit as soon as you’ve bought a property, before you leave the auction house.

After that you have 28 days to pay the balance, no excuses. Buying a repossessed house at auction is a legally binding contract and you can’t back out. Because the wheels of mortgage lenders tend to turn very, very slowly it’s wise to get your loan agreed before you go anywhere near an auction house.

In difficult times, auction mortgages are as rare as ordinary mortgages. There are fewer deals around and – perhaps unsurprisingly – nobody seems to be advertising auction-specific deals. The first port of call should be your bank. Provided you have a good relationship with them, they should be able to give you a very fast decision about whether or not they’d be prepared to lend the money to buy a repossessed house.

Once you know what your bank can or can’t offer, it’s a good idea to let a Mortgage Broker loose on your case. Independent brokers, unlike tied brokers, have access to the entire UK mortgage market and can trawl around to find you the best deal. And they know the lingo, which helps. A tip: remember to tell your broker that you want a mortgage specifically for buying a repossessed house at auction. He or she will co-ordinate your mortgage approval date with your chosen auction date so everything is ready in good time.

But what of the future?

Will we all be knee deep in low cost repossessed houses and flats for the next decade? Are property prices due to keep falling, or will they recover? Predictions are mixed.

Savills is another of the property big boys, a leading name in UK residential estate agency and commercial property. While they don’t auction repossessed houses they do a great deal of research into the housing market and their views are well respected. In an article published in The Times on 14th November 2008 Savill’s Head of Residential Research Yolande Barnes said,

“… the roots of Britain’s downturn lie in the credit crisis and the consequent withdrawal of funding by lenders… The UK housing market really is a different country: in the US as many as one home-owning household in 16 has defaulted on its mortgage or faces repossession, compared with fewer than one in 200 in Britain. To predict that the UK housing market will fall by 40 per cent and remain at these new, corrected levels is to ignore the role of finite supply and the use of equity.” In other words, don’t be fooled by all the doom and gloom.

Sadly Yolande seems to be swimming against a pessimistic tide.
The majority of experts insist that the housing market is broken, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. It appears that things could swing either way. Whoever’s right, it doesn’t change the fact that buying a repossessed a repossessed house, in today’s market, can net you an excellent deal. Provided you can find the finance!

First Time Home Buyer Programs

Mark Jenkins is a writer for Independent guidance on all aspects of home repossession, remortgages, debt consolidation, buying repossessed homes.

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How To Get The Best Home Loan Modification

How To Get The Best Home Loan Modification
Step by Step, detailed Action Plan, anyone can implement to get the Best home loan modification offer from their lender. Includes all the tools, forms, and key information needed to get a home loan modification that is in Your best interest, not the banks

First Time Home Buyer Programs

How To Get The Best Home Loan Modification

Ez Loan Modification Hero — Save Your Home From Foreclosure Now
Learn exactly how to save your home by modifying your loan. A mortgage industry veteran and loan modification expert gives you all of the information, instructions, tools, worksheets, sample forms and sample letters that you need to save your home.

First Time Home Buyer Programs

Ez Loan Modification Hero — Save Your Home From Foreclosure Now

First Time Home Buyer Programs and Mortgage Refinancing Options

First Time Home Buyer Programs and Mortgage Refinancing Options

Several first time home buyer programs exist to help future homeowners obtain home loan financing. Not all programs are available to everyone and each has unique eligibility requirements. In order to determine which home buying programs are available, buyers can conduct research online or consult with a mortgage adviser.

The most common first time home buyer programs include: HUD homes, FHA loans, VA loans, Fannie Mae financing, and Making Home Affordable; a U.S. government program for mortgage refinancing and loan modification.

First time home buyers can also benefit from the Worker, Homeownership and Business Assistance Act, which provides an 00 tax credit for properties purchased by April 30, 2010. The Recovery Act also extends up to 00 tax credit to borrowers who have lived in their house for at least five years and want to purchase a higher priced home.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers a variety of first time home buyer programs. HUD programs vary by state, but most home buying programs involve purchasing HUD homes at significantly reduced prices.

Individuals who work in teaching and public service professions such as law enforcement, firefighters and emergency responders, might qualify for HUDs ‘Good Neighbor Next Door’ program. Good neighbor home purchase incentives include buying houses at up to 50-percent off realty listing prices.

FHA loans are backed by the Federal Housing Administration and provide financing opportunities for first time home buyers with less than perfect credit. Applicants who have filed bankruptcy or possess inconsistent employment sometimes find it easier to obtain FHA financing.

One major benefit of FHA loans is the low down payment requirement of 3-1/2 percent. Down payment money can come from outside sources such as a gift or loan from family or friends. FHA financing is the only home loan program which allows down payment assistance from an outside source.

VA loans are available to veterans and active duty service personnel. The Department of Veterans Affairs offers no money down financing and guarantees up to 25-percent of home loans; making it easier for veterans to obtain a home loan. First time home buyer incentives and mortgage assistance can be found at

Fannie Mae presents first time home buying programs and mortgage refinance options. One of the more popular is the Home Path® program which offers an assortment of homes for sale. Fannie Mae homes are foreclosure and deed in lieu properties sold at reduced prices through approved realtors.

Fannie Mae home buying incentives include flexible mortgage terms, no appraisal fees, low down payment requirement, and home loan financing for individuals with bad credit. First time home buyer and mortgage refinance information can be located at

First Time Home Buyer Programs

Author and real estate investor, Simon Volkov, offers a comprehensive real estate article library to help home buyers make informed decisions. Topics range from first time home buyer programs to developing real estate investment portfolios. Buyers, sellers, and real estate investors are encouraged to visit to learn more about Simon and the services he offers. – First Time Home Buyer should use a Mortgage Planning Expert – Part 8 – Credit scores now are a major factor with interest rates. You see the liars up on the internet with interest rates being at 4.625% and all this kind of hocus pocus, its not true. You are never going to qualify for that rate today. They are going to lie to you, once you sign and see the fine print you are going to realize that it is a ridiculous idea to pay that amount of money in fees. Credit scores have to be significantly higher than they used to, but again I have to tell you, its my opinions that a 70% no doc loan with someone who has a 720 or higher credit score I believe is a good loan. I personally believe that at some point it will be brought back. I am not arguing with that, with a good FICO score I can agree with a 20% down for a stated income loan. People are encouraged through our tax system to write off all of their expenses and so often we have small business people who really are making money but because they take advantage of our tax system they are not able to get a loan. They cant qualify based upon their income. In a lot of cases yes, but once again I definitely want to point his out just because someone is self employed and owns a small business and they do write everything off, that does not mean that they will not qualify. They may have been told now that they have to go stated income because of tax returns, but most people, the small business
First Time Home Buyer Programs
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First Time Home Buyer Programs

First Time Home Buyer Programs

With the collapse of the Subprime mortgage market, the mortgage landscape has changed dramatically in recent months. Many of the more lenient mortgage programs have been discontinued. How will this effect the demand for first time home buyer loans?

From approximately the year 2000 until the year 2004 interest rates were continually lowered, reaching multi-decade historic lows by late 2004. This historic reduction in interest rates powered a multi-year boom in the real estate market. Real estate prices were rising rapidly with each passing day, and it seemed that everyone wanted to be involved in real estate.

That included lenders, who were happy to gain new business. In the frantic race to make as much profit from real estate as possible, lenders lowered their standards and created new lending requirements that were so lenient it seemed that anyone with a pulse would qualify!

Loose lending standards, historically low interest rates, and rapidly rising real estate values combined to make the perfect formula to attract millions upon millions of people, and create a real estate bubble along the way.

And that is exactly what happened.

And then disaster struck.

In August of 2007, the subprime home loan industry begin to break down. Large investors, monitoring the default rates of mortgage portfolios and concerned about the continuing fall in real estate prices nationwide decided to stop purchasing subprime loans. By late fall of 2007 the entire subprime industry as we knew it had vanished.

For the first time home buyer, as well as seasoned real estate investors, it was easy to take advantage of the lax guidelines offered by these lenders. They had flocked to the real estate market in droves. And then suddenly, the subprime market came to a screeching halt.

With the downfall of the subprime industry, millions of potential home buyers are now searching for alternative mortgage products that will accommodate their financial and credit history.

Does this mean that first time home buyers will no longer qualify for a home loan? No. There are other alternatives besides the subprime mortgage loan.

There are several solutions. Fannie Mae’s American Dream Commitment offers the most exciting, affordable first time home buyer loan solution that we have seen. To quote Fannie Mae, “Many Americans still are being overlooked, underserved, and overcharged in their search for affordable homeownership.” In defining their goals, Fannie Mae strives to “expand access to homeownership for first time home buyers and help expand the minority homeownership percentage with the ultimate goal of closing the homeownership gap entirely.”

This commitment translates into flexible, accommodative, and low cost home financing available to first time home buyers with less than perfect credit and restrictive budgets. But that’s not all. Reading into the guidelines carefully one will discover some amazing and thoughtful criteria. Amongst these guidelines are included a surprising and liberal allowance for “undocumented income”, expanded seller contribution tolerance, and a complete absence of saving and asset reserve requirements. All of these flexible rules make possible the lowest cost, no money down mortgage program available anywhere.

Credit score requirements are now the easiest of all of the first time home buyer loan programs available in the home loan market. The guidelines provide for a score of 620, but with moderate compensating factors lenders may approve loans with scores as low as 600.

In addition to this program, nearly every state offers some form of downpayment help for first time buyers. First home buyers are not completely shut out of the market. There remains ample state and Federal funding for first time home buyer programs.

First Time Home Buyer Programs

J Stromsteen is a small business owner with many years experience in the finance and insurance industry. She writes for the website First Time Home Buyer to provide information for various First Time Home Buyer Programs.

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