FHA Manufactured home loans Florida 97%w 580 FICO

FHA Manufactured home loans Florida 97%w 580 FICO

FHA Manufactured home loans Florida 97%w 580 FICO

Under the Title I program, Florida FHA approved lenders make loans from their own funds to eligible borrowers to finance the purchase or refinance of a Florida manufactured home and/or lot. FHA insures the Florida mortgage lender against loss if the borrower defaults. Credit is granted based upon the Florida mortgage applicant’s credit history and ability to repay the loan in regular monthly installments.

Florida manufactured home buyers should know the many advantages of the FHA mortgage loan programs. FHA loans were created to help increase home ownership. For the Florida manufactured home buyer the FHA program can simplify the purchase of a home, making financing easier and less expensive than a conventional manufactured mortgage loan. Some highlights of the Florida FHA loan program for manufactured homes  include:

Minimal Down Payment and Closing costs.

Down payment less than 3% of Sales Price Gifts are allowed Seller can credit up to 6% of sales price towards closing and prepaid costs. 100% Financing available No reserves required. FHA regulated closing costs.

Easier Credit Qualifying Guidelines such as:  

No minimum FICO score or credit score requirements. FHA will allow a home purchase 2 year after a Bankruptcy. FHA will allow a home purchase 3  years after a Foreclosure.

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FHA does not lend money to Florida mortgage applicants, they only insure the FHA loans made to mortgage applicants. The Florida Title I manufactured home loans are not Federal Government loans or grants. These FHA mortgage loans to Florida mortgage applicants  fixed for the entire term of the loan, which is generally 15-30 years.

Florida Modular homes or manufactured homes from top manufactures now compare in quality with homes built by better custom home builders No matter what name they go by, factory built homes cost between ten and thirty percent less than traditional site built homes. At 1st Continental Mortgage, we know why you want a fixed rate mortgage to buy a modular home in a subdivision, an FHA home loan for a manufactured home on an acre lot, or conventional home loan for a mobile home on a rural retreat. With our network of financing, we can help you get the manufactured home financing for your Florida dream home at interest rates and terms you deserve.

 Florida FHA Mobile Home loan Criteria

 General Eligibility Criteria for Florida Manufactured loan by FHA/HUD.

The Florida home must be constructed in conformance with the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards as evidenced by the affixed certification label. This is the RED TAG that is on the rear of each section of the Florida manufactured home. If the RED TAG is missing the house is not eligible for Section 184 financing. Only Florida manufactured homes built after June 15, 1976 will bear that seal. Florida manufactured homes built before that date are ineligible for Section 184 financing. The Florida  home must be classified and taxed as real estate (as applicable). The Florida mortgage must cover both the manufactured unit and its site or the appropriate lease documents must be in place. The Florida mortgage must have a term of no more than 30 years from the date amortization begins. The Florida manufactured home must not have been installed or occupied previously at any other Florida site or location. The finished grade elevation beneath the manufactured home or, if a basement is used, the lowest exterior grade adjacent to the perimeter enclosure, must be at or above the 100-year return frequency flood elevation. The Florida manufactured home must be permanently attached to the foundation system. Existing Florida homes must be attached to the foundation system by either cable or rebar welded to the frame rail or similar fashion. The unit must be anchored to the footing (or pier). The axles and tongue must be removed from the unit. The chassis must stay in place. The Florida home must have adequate skirting and insulation around the perimeter to prevent the crawl space area from freezing and allow proper ventilation of the crawl space. If the skirting is wood, the wood must be properly treated to prevent decay.

Purpose of the Loan

The Florida FHA loan for Manufactured homes can be used for the purchase or refinancing of a Florida manufactured home, a developed lot on which to place a manufactured home, or a manufactured home and lot in combination. The home must be used as the principal residence of the borrower.

Locating a Florida manufactured home Dealer

Florida Manufactured homes are usually purchased through Florida dealers or retailers that sell the homes. The names of lenders in your area which specialize in financing of Florida manufactured homes can be obtained from local Florida retailers. These retailers are listed in the yellow pages of your telephone directory. They have the required application forms.

Manufactured homes must comply with the Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards, and all applicable state and local requirements governing the installation and construction of the manufactured home foundation system.

An Eligible Manufactured Home Must:

Meet the Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards. Must carry a one-year manufacturer’s warranty if the unit is new Be installed on a homesite that meets established local standards for site suitability and has adequate water supply and sewage disposal facilities available.

The proceeds of a Title I manufactured home loan may not be used to finance furniture (for example, beds, chairs, sofas, lamps, rugs, etc.). However, built-in appliances and equipment and wall-to-wall carpeting are eligible for financing.


Answers to Mobile Home Questions

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Apply for FLorida Manufactured home loan financing at http://www.fhamortgageprograms.com/mortgage/manufactured-homes.shtml,
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