How to Get a Mortgage After Foreclosure Hi everyone, how are you? It is Leah Coss with The Mortgage Center. There is heat in this conception that if you had a foreclosure in the past that you can’t get a mortgage, and I can see why people would be under that impression. You figured, “Jeez! Something happened in my past, I wasn’t able to make my mortgage payments, I even got foreclosed upon, why would anyone want to lend to me based strictly how I look on paper?” But that’s not the case. What happens is, when you get your mortgage, you have a lender. Sometimes you even have a mortgage insurer. Now in a case where you put down more than 20 percent, chances are you’re probably can have a mortgage insurer who strictly, and when I say mortgage insurer, I mean like CMHC or Genworth or Canadian Guaranty. So you are just dealing with the lender. Now, obviously there’s still a lender out there, if RBC gave you a mortgage and you fell short on that mortgage. Something happened, you went into a foreclosure for whatever reason, obviously, RBC is probably not going to want to lend to you again in the next few year, seven years, 10 years for as long as they have you on their files, they’re are going to consider you higher risk, and there is better files out there. Now that seems that you can’t; that RBC is out there emailing all of the lenders saying, flag this person, don’t lend to them. Absolutely not. OK. So if you prefer foreclosure than you will probably go to another lender and get a mortgage from them. Now
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